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Thank you Daniela!

Thank you Daniela!

  • By Nicholas Lara
  • September 18, 2018
  • Testimonial

I am a first time home buyer and before I began working with Nicholas I had tried a few other agents. I am so grateful to have come across Nicholas, he is super professional, took the time to really understand my wishes and the “ideal dream home” for me. He not only answered all of my questions, doubts, and concerns but he went above and beyond to give me the resources I need to educate myself and feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire home-purchasing process. I highly recommend working with Nicholas, he is great a negotiating and was able to get the price we were shooting for when we placed the offer for the house. Something that made Nicholas really stand out, was his patience and willingness to show me various options that met the criteria I was looking for in my purchase.